DeFi Protocol
for Cross-chain Assets
Based on Dfinity

Become the bridge between Dfinity and other public chain ecosystem

Cross-chain protocol

Support the cross-chain transaction such as Dfinity and Ethereum/BSC/Solana and support the cross-chain function of liquidity swap.

DeFi Aggregator

Pledge assets Staking and Farming, aggregate the revenue of Vault, create collateralized debt position as well as NFT and other DeFi derivatives.

2021 Q2

1.Open offcial webpage

2.Release iBridge Litepapper

2021 Q3

1.Release iBridge v1 and provide cross-chain service

2.Transfer ICP and BSC

3.The asset management function of Dfinity

2021 Q4

1.Create liquidity pool and start mining on BSC

2.Support cross-chain between ICP and other main publi

2022 Q1

1.Realize DeFi aggregator function

2.Based on the frustracture on Dfinity, gradually migrate the ecosystem of iBridge to Dfinity

2022 Q1